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Family Photo Gallery

Holly Robinson's parent's on their wedding day
Mom and Dad on their wedding day
Dad in the Navy
Dad in the Navy.
Holly Robinson and her childhood horse
On the farm with Nahill, our Arabian stallion. Nahill used to follow me around like a big dog when I was doing chores.

Dad at 7 months old.
Holly as a child in front of her grandmother's house in Maine Mom, Don and me in front of Grandmother Keach's house in Maine Holly with her Dad's boat
Mom, Don and me on the cabin cruiser

Holly Robinson in an old Christmas card
Two perfect children: Picklehead and Me
Holly Robinson in a hand carved chair
Don and me demonstrating Dad's
hand-carved thrones by the fireplace.
Check out the Brownie uniform!
Here I am riding my bike in Virginia Beach -- a bike I pretended was a horse named Strawberry.

Grandmother's Gift Shop

Grandma Laura Pickels, 1923

Grandmother Fort Fairfield, Maine, 1924

Christmas morning on the farm with Don, Phil and me

My dad with our first pet, Fritz, a boxer dog that was more like a brother to me

My Grandfather Keach

Dad as a young Navy officer


Brother Donald valiantly trying to walk our new brother Phil in the stroller while Mom walks Beau, the psychotic poodle

Picklehead looking very small next to Dad's boat

My brother Picklehead with me in my glorious Girl Scout uniform and Mom holding Gail

With Mom and Don on the cabin cruiser

My mother with her dog, Colonel, outside their house in Maine.
Holly Robinson's father as a boy

My Dad at age eight.
Dad with others in Mexico.  


Pet Portrait Gallery
Send me your pet portraits for my gallery!
A fan of my Dad's "Know Your Gerbil" book, Jill Warnick, raises Pigmy Hedgehogs.

a sketch of my hard cover book's jacket
A 12-year old fan's sketch of my book cover
tavi the cat
Tavi on her leash
sleepy cat
Zeke yawning in the sun!
tina the cat
Tina napping
gerbils camping
The Misters Giggle, Wiggles, and Nibbles
cat walking in snow on leash
My cousin Candy's disgruntled cat tests out his first snowy walk
Tundra the dog
My new friend Suzanne's proud dog, Tundra
"Lydia" copyright

"Lydia" by Bill Fuller
Susan's girls
My dear friend Laurie's companion, Peaches the Pomeranian My friend Susan's three gorgeous girls:
Lacey, Tillie & Kira
Lacey the dog
My friend Diane's elegant dog, Bella. My friend Susan's dog Lacey,
who's constantly in motion!


Jaffa the cat
Queen Jaffa--undisputed ruler of our house.     

Leo the dog
Leo the Lion, our fearless Pekingese, whose favorite food is bananas

Mini Wheat the cat
Mini Wheat lets the world go by while he warms up on the radiator

Mini Wheat and Jaffa, rescue cats
Our newest family members, Jaffa and Mini Wheat, rescues from a nearby shelter

Pete and Gutherie

My friend Judith Block's handsome gerbils, Pete and Guthrie, who star in their very own pinup calendar!

My friend Kelly's dog doing a great impression of a sheep.

Gerbil Information

If you want to learn more about gerbils and other small furry animals, wish to adopt a small animal, or already have gerbils and want to join a community of other gerbil fans, here are some great web sites:

If you just want to see gerbils in action, check out these fun videos:
And, to see a truly artistic soul, have a look at Phoebe the gerbil's inspirational creations: