Let Go and Let Holiday! (Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, December 2010)

Viewing the "chore" of walking the dogs each morning, as a meditative, relaxing experience

Two Dogs, Two Hundred Paces (Dog Fancy Magazine, January 2011)

Viewing the "chore" of walking the dogs each morning, as a meditative, relaxing experience

Running Out of Excuses (Shape Magazine, April 2010)

How a working mother gets back into running (and saves money on gym fees).

The Politeness Project

(Ladies Home Journal, April 2010)
A stressed-out, straight-talking mom takes the ultimate manners challenge and spends a week being nice to
everyone she meets.

DIY of Die Trying (NPR--National Public Radio)

Frugality has always been "in" for the gerbil czar's daughter.


How I Bought My Dreamhouse in a Recession (Ladie's Home Journal Magazine)

I couldn't afford it, I'd never seen it (except on a real-estate Web site), and it was 12 hours away. But I was in love -- so I bought my little cottage anyway.

Susan Boyle: The Poster-Child for Late Bloomers (Huffington Post)

As I stumble through American Idol withdrawal and recover from the fact that vanilla is still the flavor of choice in the U.S. whether we're talking ice cream or singers, I've been increasingly thankful for Susan Boyle, the angel on Britain's Got Talent. Whether she wins or loses the chance to sing for the Queen, she is the inspirational poster child for late bloomers everywhere.

Confessions of a Closet Nurser (Parents Magazine)

Why I was still breast-feeding my 2 year-old – but couldn't tell my mother

Mom on Strike (Ladies' Home Journal Magazine)

What happens when a mom decides to throw in the towel – and let her family take care of themselves?

Warming Up to Winter (Shape Magazine)

I discover that the only way to overcome cabin fever is to leave the cabin.

Living Outside the Box (Boston Globe)

Ever wonder what it's like to live in a geodesic dome?